Artist Directory

Here is more information about a few of the artists involved with Emerge CDA!

Hara Allison –

Otis Bardwell –

Coeur d’Alene Musical Arts – (on Facebook)

Evan Frantz – Evan Frantz is the owner and piano instructor at Coeur d’Alene Musical Arts. He is also a composer and music performer. Starting piano lessons around the age of eight, he excelled on the piano studying with various private teachers. Early influences of classical and jazz repertoire have greatly motivated his musical ambitions. Having an intense appreciation and passion for the piano naturally led Evan to teaching and sharing the love for music! Living in the inland northwest, he and his Two brothers grew up with a musical education. Currently performing solo, and with a local jazz group in the Coeur d’Alene area.
Rhys Gerwin – Rhys Gerwin was born in Hayden, Idaho in 1991 and grew up in a fairly non-musical family.  His mother was a dancer and his father was the business owner of a construction company. Being the youngest of four, the only musical influence he had were his siblings who each played different instruments.  His oldest sister played the violin and piano for a few years, his other sister played the guitar and his brother played the drums.  At an early age, Rhys played the piano with little guidance and learned guitar through his sister Megan.  None of which involved reading notation or professional instruction.  In his teens he took up playing bass but then switched to practicing guitar through tablature more seriously in the beginning of high school.  By the end of high school he knew he wanted to be a musician of many instruments and had been experimenting with the clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, native American flute, and various percussion instruments.  During college he realized his potential as a guitarist, bassist and pianist rather than a multi-instrumentalist and stuck with the three more seriously until he graduated from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle with his Bachelor’s in Music.  He now teaches and plays in various groups as a bassist, guitarist and pianist around Coeur d’ Alene.

Shiree Cosgrove –

Shiree will be teaching painting classes for Emerge starting soon!

Kimber Follevaag – Kimber Follevaag Art

Kimber will be teaching weaving classes for Emerge starting soon!

Jeff Weir – Idaho Illustrations…

Showing in the Emerge Gallery in January. Jeff will be teaching painting classes in early 2016.

Janine Wood Bokman – Happy Hands Creatives

Janine will be teaching pottery in the Emerge studio starting in January.

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