Louise Schollaert

I have been obsessed with clay since high school, and for the past two decades I’ve made this obsession more than a hobby.
Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, I graduated from Ohio University with a BFA in Sculpture and Graphic Design. I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2000 for the arts, culture and wilderness. During my time in Seattle I studied under many inspiring ceramic artists. I was a resident artist at Seward Park Clay Studio and a member of Rat City Studios. I have also worked as a studio assistant at Pottery Northwest and Seward Park Clay Studio. I recently moved to Post Falls, where I have a ceramic and personal training studio.
I have been described as a curious clay artist, always experimenting and discovering new ways to move this wonderful material around. I encourage students to have the same playfulness with clay.
I make functional and sculptural work inspired by the whimsical illustrations of Dr. Seuss and the music of Thelonius Monk. I combine wheel thrown and hand built elements that don’t appear to go together at first. I’m drawn to the design challenge of finding a way for them to co-exist, that celebrates asymmetry and brings the piece to life!

Donated Piece:
Louise Schollaert
Low fire ceramic.
Value: $180