Meet Bevie


Bevie Labrie

Bevie LaBrie was born in southwest Washington in the foothills of Mt. St. Helens. Exploring the woods as a young girl sparked her observation of and interest in the color and intricacies of nature and her love of adventure, movement and creation. Her artwork has evolved amidst her experiences as an art therapist and educator, youth worker, wilderness instructor, and her exploration of the world through climbing rocks, travel and mountainous beauty. The raw, changing elements of nature and of relationships with people inspire her thoughts and techniques. She uses acrylic and liquid watercolor paint and integrates collage, ink, water-soluble oil pastel and colored pencils. Energized by the tactile process of ripping and tearing, she sculpts the surfaces of her paintings and meaning emerges through the process. She is inspired by human experience and nature in all of its forms–calm, chaotic, dry and abundant. Her passion is to open up wells of creativity, courage and life in others through her art and process of creating.