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Meet Alydia!


Alydia Grover

Alydia Grover- Studio Tech/Assist, Youth Pottery Instructor

Hello, my name is Alydia Grover, I grew up in Rexburg, Idaho and graduated from Madison High School in 2019. I am currently studying at North Idaho college and plan on getting my degree in Fine Arts. I started my pottery journey during high school when I was a Sophomore, under Mr. James Lauretzen. He showed me the beauty of this community and nurtured my creativity. He helped devolop my talent and show me the possibilities that could be achieved by persistence and hard work. I later apprenticed in his classroom after I graduated. I taught my students how to throw on the wheel, developed lessons, and classes.

I took classes in Jackson Hole in the year 2019, there I developed a love for the Grand Tetons and they became a main focal point in my art. I applied for North Idaho college in the spring of 2019 but the world took a different direction. Covid-19 affected so many of us, I decided to stay home in Rexburg and develop my skills personally. I built my own studio in the wood shed connected to my parents home in Sunnydale, Idaho. I bought a wheel, kiln and all the products associated with production pottery. I self taught that summer and developed myself and learned my own personal style and influences.

I am now taking class at NIC under Otis Bardwell. I have been given so many amazing opportunities to keep pushing myself and creating my own path as a potter. One of my Professors Mrs. Carrie Scozzaro, showed me the available position Emerge had open for a Ceramic instructor and I am so proud and excited to have the opportunity to teach the people of Coeur d’Alene the art of pottery. My hope is that I can help kindle a love of ceramics for my students, like my first teacher Mr. Lauritzen did for me.