INK! Print Rally 2022 Call for Submissions

6th annual INK! Print Rally

Call to Artists  2022

On Sept.10th, 2022 Emerge will host the 6th annual INK! Print Rally next to our downtown Coeur d’Alene gallery. 

Community members are invited to stop by between 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm and enjoy interactive printmaking booths with activities for all ages led by local artisans and makers as well as live music.

We will also have food trucks on scene and a beer garden. 

The center of the event is our printmaking event wherein large-scale prints are created throughout the evening using 5’ x 4’ carved wood panels, an asphalt roller, and fabric. 

This year, we are exploring the theme of  Underground.  

“Underground” is defined as ;

1: a subterranean space or channel 

2: an underground city railway system 

3a: a movement or group organized in strict secrecy among citizens especially in an occupied country for maintaining communications, popular solidarity, and concerted resistive action pending liberation 

b : a clandestine conspiratorial organization set up for revolutionary or other disruptive purposes especially against a civil order 

c : an unofficial, unsanctioned, or illegal but informal movement or group  especially : a usually avant-garde group or movement that functions outside the establishment

The process:  Steamrolling sheets of carved wood: bearing stress upon fabric, ink, and wood to create a piece of art that speaks of the artist, the context, and the process. 

We invite you to share your interpretation of Underground and join us in this unique event.

About Emerge: We are a collective art experience engaging all members of the community in a variety of high quality creative outlets  while offering a platform for emerging artists to cultivate their careers as professionals. We rely on the distinct insight and skill of local artists, patrons, and neighbors to not only support but shape and influence Emerge’s identity as a community art space.

We are eager to learn about your unique perspective as we endeavor to build a resilient and inclusive Inland Northwest community through shared art experiences. 

Please feel welcome to contact us with any questions.  

Please submit an image file of your print concept to using the following subject line: INK submission 2022: First name  Last  name 

Image files should be at least 2MB but no larger than 4MB.

Concept submissions must be received by July 20th, 2022. There will be a maximum of 17 artists accepted into this year’s event. 

Artists will be notified of their acceptance by July 26th. 2020 INK! Artists will be required to make a $75 refundable deposit + $25 materials fee and sign a commitment letter outlining the guidelines of the event. The deposit will be refunded at the completion of the event.

Emerge CDA | | 208.930.1876