Goods from Emerge

We’ve filled boxes with handcrafted art pieces created by some of our favorite artists so each box is completely unique. You can expect pottery, jewelry, hand-knit items, small artworks, prints, stickers, magnets, and more. As we enter the season of giving, imagine how fun it would be to gift the art lovers in your life with GOODS straight from Emerge. Surprise a loved one, surprise yourself. The purchase of these boxes directly benefits local artists, Emerge, and helps fuel our local economy.   Pre-Order one of these dope boxes before we sell out and get ahead this holiday season!

Artists of the GOODS you can expect to see in your surprise Artist Box; Melissa Maya Pottery, Nucleus Fine Arts and Jewelry, Gerome Art, AK Hardware, Tiffany Patterson, Moon Mama Pottery, and more to come so stay tuned!