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Bruce MacBride


Bruce MacBride

Casper, WY
Early in second grade, when it was time to take spelling tests, Bruce was moved to a desk at the back of the classroom, away from the other kids. The teacher would hand him a pencil and paper and tell him to be quiet and draw. Later that fall, he was expelled from school. The explanation given to his parents was that Bruce would never learn and should be institutionalized.

At the behest of his mother, Eunice, Bruce went through a series of tests. It was discovered that he suffered from extreme dyslexia. He was readmitted to a school across town where they had a class for kids with special needs.

What started as a form of intellectual segregation, turned out to be a blessing and a life-long career in art. Bruce went on to graduate from the Colorado Institute of Art and was nominated for best portfolio.

Since then, Bruce has won several awards for his design work, and was creative director for Corporate Marketing of Denver, CO. He’s done work for clients such as Comcast, American Express, AT&T, and The Vail Catalogs.

Currently, he is the head of marketing at Action Fasteners in Spokane.

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