An Update on our #rebuildemerge efforts:

Emerge started 6 years ago with a vision: to advocate for and support emerging artists in our area. We were so thrilled to move into a permanent space 4 years ago. Emerge has become a home for artists to share their art and talents. Many artists hadn’t had a support system prior to Emerge – it has given these artists a location and a platform to educate and share their talents with the wider community.

Due to the downtown business fire, we know that we are unable to use our “home” for at least months, possibly longer. The timeline to rebuild Emerge will be lengthy – and the lack of a permanent space means new and added challenges to an already challenging envionment.

We are working very hard to find the right alternative space(s) for gallery shows and classes, but relocating some classes will incur extra costs for space and equipment rental, as well as, coordinating and logistically planning these events becomes even more difficult with our staff, equipment, and attention spread across multiple locations

In order to keep a non-profit art space alive in our community, keep unique community art events happening, and minimize the impact to the emerging artist community in Coeur d’Alene, we need you.

There are many ways to help rebuild Emerge. For those that want to help financially, consider the following methods:

Contribute to the Emerge GoFundMe Campaign:

Become a month-to-month Emerge Sponsor.

Gallery Show sponsorships

Emerge is so thankful for sponsors like:







2020 Emerge Artist Incubator Series; participate in dialogue during our Panel Discussions, then register to participate in Open Critiques.

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