Together, we are Emerge.

Emerge is a collective art experience engaging all members of the community in a variety of high quality creative outlets, offering a platform for emerging artists to cultivate their professional careers, collaborating with local artists to teach the arts, and build up community art events.

April 2024 Gallery Show: Substance III

Featuring works by Jennifer Donaldson, Erik Rodgers, Tom and Hanna Kuhns, Barbara Snarr, Teri Saa, Loretta Surma, Patti Osika, Chris Kelsey, Jaz de L'Arbre, Katie Rose, Laurie Carlson, Pippin Christiansen, Louise Schollaert, Gina Freuen, Ash Gordon, Maya Rumsey, Sheila Grubb, Lisa Soranaka, Marnie Herald, and Madeline E. Goolie