Happy New Year!

As 2020 comes to a close, we are optimistic for the year to come and are beyond thankful to say that we will for sure be moved into our new home! With the support of our community and our giving sponsors, we are able to continue our mission with more drive and motivation than ever before.

How to help Emerge: GET YOUR NAME ON OUR WALL

During this last very difficult year, giving back to your community has never been more valuable or crucial. Emerge was derailed at the start of 2020 with a fire in our building that displaced us and caused a great deal of damage to our things. We have worked hard to continue moving forward, but the impact of Covid-19 has made generating income extremely challenging. As we get ready to welcome a fresh new year and a fresh new space, we ask that you join in helping to return us to a vibrant community filled with all the things we love and value. Emerge has established roots in Cd’A as a leading art program and support system for aspiring artists. With your financial support, we will once again be able to serve the community’s art needs in an even greater capacity. In honor of your contribution, you and/or your business’s name will be added to our donor wall or consider making a contribution in a loved one’s name. This makes the perfect gift for the art lover that has everything. This wall will be visible to all who enter our new space, beautifully crafted by a local artist that will serve as a lasting reminder of all who joined with us during this difficult time to restore Emerge and foster the arts.




A lot has been happening in the construction zone of our new home! Our new sign by Tom White at White’s Modern Industrial is up and is quite literally “lit”. Yeah, it actually LIGHTS UP! The second staircase is in, the stage has been built, the carpet on the walls has been removed (we are just as confused as you on that one), drywall is going up, and much much more is still to come.

If you would like to DONATE or “GET YOUR NAME ON OUR WALL”, please visit us HERE. Every little bit truly adds up and is greatly appreciated.


Artists works you can expect to see in our NEXT SHOP UPDATE; Nucleus Fine Arts and Jewelry, Gerome Jewelry, Tiffany Patterson, Maggie Schenk, Moon Mama Pottery, Washeteria Soap Company, Lucid Lavender Herbs, Blue Lu Pine Fiber Arts, Randy Palmer, Kim’s Clay, Starship Ink, Maggie Made, Jennifer Drake, Angus Meredith, Alan Dodge, Darcy Lee, Pat Robinson, Maya Rumsey, and more to come so stay tuned!

Emerge is so thankful for sponsors like:







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