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Arielle Horan

Washetereia Soap Co. - Lip Scrub

Washetereia Soap Co. - Lip Scrub

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Washeteria Soap Co. - Lip Scrub

Description: Need something to moisturize and exfoliate winter lips? These lip scrubs are made with minimal ingredients, but pack a lot of punch. Coarse-grained sugar and salt exfoliate and remove dead skin, while jojoba oil adds moisturizing qualities. Jojoba oil is molecularly the closest to sebum (the oil produced by human skin) making it apply smoothly, without turning into a sticky mess. 

These come in three flavors: vanilla mint, lemon drop, and blueberry acai. 

Each container weighs approximately 0.5 oz. These are 100% edible and lip safe, although I do not recommend it! 

Ingredients: Sugar, Kosher Salt, Jojoba Oil, Fragrance.

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